Meet the Maxim model leading the ‘Jexodus’ movement

With over 159,000 Instagram followers (because that’s a measure of success these days, apparently), 23-year-old Elizabeth Pipko has had an interesting career. A self-described “’international model, Trump 2016 campaign staffer, poet, patriot and fiercely proud millennial Jew,” Pipko works as well in business attire as she does in a bikini.

Pipko has another mission as well- to pull Jewish Americans away from the Democratic Party, a campaign that has become known as The Exodus Movement, or “Jexodus.”

“Obviously it’s a play on Exodus, but we left Egypt and now we’re leaving the Democratic Party,” she said.

According to the Daily Mail, Pipko’s husband, Darren Centinello, is part of President Donald Trump’s campaign team.

Pipko hopes that Jewish Americans can see the antisemitism that has once again reared its ugly head from within the Democratic camp.

“There’s antisemitism in the Democratic Party,” she said. “They can hide it, they can do whatever they want. They failed to condemn it, and now it’s there. It’s time.”

Raised in New York, Pipko is the granddaughter of Russian-born Jewish painter Marc Klionsky, and has posed in Maxim magazine.

Now, she’s joining the political landscape, and has no issues working hard.

“There’s a lot that I’ve done that’s very far from politics,” she said. “I’m also 23 years old. I’m very O.K. with having to prove myself, and I’m excited to show people that I am very serious.”

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