Men inform woman that taking secret photos of her “fine” dermatologist is sexual harassment; women on Twitter disagree

A woman who posted a photo of her handsome dermatologist to Twitter is in hot water after being accused of sexual harassment.

The woman, a hairdresser who lives in Maryland, posted a photo of Dr. Imran Aslam, who did not seem aware that the photo was being taken.

Not long after the March 28 post, the woman was accused of sexual harassment after the dermatologist claimed the sudden social media attention gave him “anxiety.”

The woman posted the doctor’s business card and the location of his practice, encouraging thirsty women to seek him out.

“For everyone that’s asking me for his location! You’re welcome,” she wrote.

The Daily Mail reports the women was blasted by taking a photo and revealing the location of the doctor, with Aslam himself noting that had the gender roles been reversed, a man posting the image would suffer far worse consequences.

“By definition, many of the comments on my picture would be considered a form of sexual harassment, and I can totally understand how people consider this to be a double standard in light of the #metoo movement,” he said. “And that if those same comments were made about a woman there would an uproar.”

It is unknown if there will be any further backlash from the post, which has since been deleted.

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