Minnesota governor blames white supremacists for destruction in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minnesota governor Tim Walz along with Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington stated during a press conference today that they suspect white supremacist groups are behind much of the devastation in his state.

The bizarre claim seems to contradict much of the viral footage of diverse groups rioting, looting and destroying businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Gov. Walz claims to have intel on the white supremacists’ involvement from national sources.

Naturally, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer convened a panel on the topic during his 11:00 a.m. (EST) show. Among Blitzer’s panelists was Mark Morial (president of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans) who drilled into the likely nature of outside agitators. However, Morial didn’t only blame white supremacists, but he included – wait for it- Russians. The theories were backed by other panelists during today’s segment.

Gov. Walz also claimed drug cartels may be involved, but couldn’t confirm during his morning press conference.

Today’s press conference follows a fourth night of looting and destruction that is now widespread across the country.

Several of the cities that suffered from last nights riots were also still under coronavirus lockdown measures.

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