Mitt Romney feels unwelcome as he shares plane with supporters of President Trump heading to DC, chant breaks out

US Senator Mitt Romney was lambasted at a Utah airport by fellow conservatives, who were angry that he did not support President Donald Trump when it came to Congress certifying the Electoral College results.

Waiting for his flight from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC, Romney was confronted by individuals asking why he didn’t support the president.

“Why aren’t you supporting President Trump? You’re not supporting him,” one woman asked.“I do support President Trump,” Romney answers.

“I’m sorry, I do agree with many of the things he’s for and I support him,” the former presidential candidate responded.

According to the New York Post, the group of rabblerousers continued to press the issue.

“It’s a long story but it’s a constitutional process and the Constitution is clear,” Romney said. “I will follow the Constitution and I will explain all that when we meet in Congress this week.”

“You were voted in as a conservative to represent the conservative constituents. Period,” the woman responded.

Eventually, Romney told the woman leading the group that “that’s not how the Constitution works,” before closing his laptop and walking away.

A video of a follow-on incident was posted to Twitter by @AncPeri, where passengers bombarded Romney with chants of, “Traitor! Traitor!”

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