MLS and Mexican national soccer star posts racy photos of himself in bed with model

A Mexican national who plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team is apparently getting it on with a model- and isn’t afraid to post her nude photos on social media.

Jonathan Dos Santos showed the whole world a photo of himself in bed with model Amanda Trivizas, who is known for dating Navy SEAL washout and Instagram personality Dan Bilzerian.

The model has 800,000 Instagram followers and her own YouTube channel, which makes her famous by 21st Century standards.

Dos Santos, who plays for the LA Galaxy, has been quiet since the posting, and Trivizas has not commented on the photo.

According to The Sun, the Instagram-posted photo only spent five minutes on the internet, but that was long enough for it to ensure it would be there forever.

Trivizas is said to be of Greek, South American and German ancestry.

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