Model said to be the cause of David Ortiz shooting involved in brawl at hospital

The woman believed to be the cause of the shooting of former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz has been identified, sending tabloids into a frenzy.

Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia, a Dominican model, was spotted in the hospital where David “Big Papi” Ortiz was fighting for his life.

Yeri Bell. Credit: Facebook

The model was seen going up against Ortiz’s entourage while at the facility, mere hours after the failed assassination attempt that took place in the Dominican Republic.

Ortiz, who is married, allegedly had sexual relations with the woman, though an individual claiming to be Garcia told a Dominican news station that she had no romantic involvement with him.

“We are friends, he knows my family and the people are making things much larger,” she is alleged to have said. “His recuperation is what’s important right now, not me, not the people in the clinic.”

According to British tabloid The Daily Mail, it is believed that Ortiz was targeted by a local drug lord who thought Ortiz was having an affair with his girlfriend.

Documents circulating in local news media appear to show that Ortiz bought Garcia an $84,500 Lexus on the day of the attack.

Suspects in custody include the alleged gunman, Rolfi Ferreira, and Eddy Vladimir Féliz García.

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