Model says she’s too hot and “thicc” for TikTok, which discriminates against her plus-size

A Miami woman wishing to become a star on an app controlled by the Chinese Communist Party is claiming she’s too “thicc” for TikTok, insinuating that the app’s algorithm discriminates against the plus-sized.

Neyleen Ashley, who generates revenue and attention via the app known for people doing similar choreography to music, stated that many of her videos get deleted.

“It makes me sad when they remove my videos,” she said.

According to the Daily Mail, Ashley claims other people with similar videos were not censored.

The curvy blonde claims that she fell in love with the Chinese app during the early stages of the pandemic, and that it was similar to her early work on Vine, a now defunct short-video platform.

“TikTok became a release for me and my comedic personality- until I noticed they kept discriminating against me for my body,” she said.

That said, Ashley -who like many young women in 2020, is enrolled in nursing school- has no problem making money.

“Right now I am a full time Instagram model and Twitch streamer,” she said, noting that she earns around $1,000 per Instagram post.

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