Mother-of-five dubbed ‘Miss America’ draws ire from media after comments on gun control

A well known mother-of-five in the gun community -dubbed “Miss America”- has made waves in foreign media after she claimed America has more of a problem with mental illness than it has with guns.

Casey “Miss America” Curry, a Utah resident with a model’s figure and 330,000 Instagram followers to show for it, was three years of age when she first began shooting. Since then, she’s developed a special relationship with firearms and makes it a point to teach her children how to use them safely.

“We don’t have a gun problem in our country, we have a mental illness problem,” she said when asked about America’s gun crime issues. “That should be our main focus.”

British tabloid Daily Mail seemingly took issue with the subject, making her the subject of her very own article.

When asked about the crime rate, Curry responded that “Crime rates are similar [in other countries]. Bad people will do bad things regardless. A firearm is simply a tool, and if they want to find a way to inflict harm they will.”

On the topic of self defense, Curry said that safety education was paramount, and that self-reliability is the proper mindset.

“No one is responsible for the protection of my family but me and my husband,” she said. “I like the comfort of knowing that if something happens we can protect ourselves.”

That said, her children are well-trained to treat firearms with respect.

“Fear comes from the unknown. Firearms and firearm safety are very well known in our family,” she said. “They know they are not a toy and are to be taken very seriously. Proper firearms handling is so important, and the earlier you teach it the better.”

Curry has no issues with teachers voluntarily training and arming themselves in the classroom, and would prefer her children be protected while away at school.

The Curry family opened a gun store called Ready Gunner, which has a coffee shop, training center and other amenities.

It should be noted that the publication’s home base, the United Kingdom, is the same country where individuals under the age of 18 have been denied the ability to purchase cutlery from a grocery store.

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