MSNBC and reporter ridiculed after crew shown not wearing masks while criticizing people for not wearing masks

MSNBC Reporter Cal Perry was ridiculed while shooting a segment in Wisconsin, attempting to shame passersby for not wearing masks around Lake Geneva.

“As you can see, no one is wearing them,” Perry said while shooting the report.

One local, who was filmed walking past as Perry criticized the locals, called out Perry and his crew.

“Including the cameraman,” the local said, “half your crew’s not wearing them.”

According to the New York Post, Perry capitulated, and admitted the hypocrisy in his reporting.

“There you go,” he said. “Including the cameraman. Yeah.”

The former CNN reporter soon found a snippet of that segment trending online

The local who called him out, Andy Olson, had also filmed the reporter and his crew with less-than-optimal protection.

“He turned the camera on me and tried to shame me and it backfired on him big time,” Olson later stated. “It exposed him for his hypocrisy. The camera guy is there in plain view with a mask around his neck.”

Olson noted that he doesn’t care if people wear masks or not, and only took on Perry for calling out locals.

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