Multiple attacks on people not wearing masks recorded, including kids and guy eating breakfast burrito

Step aside, “Florida Man,” it seems Californians take the crown when it comes to being the kings of coronavirus-related drama.

A woman attacked a man with hot coffee in Manhattan Beach after she saw him without a mask, setting off a chain of events that led to a police response.

The video, which was posted to YouTube, shows two men sitting outside of an eatery when they are suddenly confronted by a young woman and man, who ask them why they aren’t wearing masks.

“We’re locals here,” the man with the camera said. “But we’re on the other side of the fence.”

Despite the man being incredibly polite towards them and explaining that it is hard to eat with a mask on, the couple insisted on harassing him and his friend.

The male half of the couple eventually began to get more aggressive with the cameraman’s friend, and when the friend asked the man to get out of his face, the young woman doused him with hot coffee.

“Oh sh*t,” the cameraman said calmly. “That was dumb.”

As the friend scuffled with the couple, the cameraman attempted to break up the fight.

Once the fight was stopped, the friend and the cameraman returned to being polite while the couple called the police, claiming they were assaulted.

According to Patch, the police did not press charges against anyone, but demanded both parties apologize to each other.

Meanwhile, in the not-so-far-away state of Idaho, a Post Falls woman went on a vicious tirade after she saw a teenager not wearing a mask in Walmart.

“You guys are abusing your freedom. Stop it,” the woman said prior to striking the young man.

“You think this is cute not wearing a mask,” her equally-portly partner chimed in. “Get a d— mask and put it on your face.”

Jill Dickenson, the mother of the two boys, was not happy when she found out.

“My blood was boiling,” she said. “We live in a country where we have freedoms. We have liberties. For my kids to walk into Walmart and get apprehended and accosted the way they did- it’s uncalled for.”

She was just as upset with the store’s management.

“Walmart did nothing about it,” she later told reporters. “The employees, some of them stood around laughing, mask-shaming with this couple.”

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