NBC5 weatherman caught with no pants while broadcasting from home

A Chicago-area weatherman took the “work from home” concept a bit far, embarrassing himself after the channel featured him wearing a business-ready top- but nothing but shorts (we hope) down below.

Unlocking his inner AC/DC, Paul Deanno of NBC 5 was waiting for his turn to be featured live and seemed just a bit too casual, swaying his bare leg back and forth in his seat as he quietly rotated in his chair.

Sporting a shirt, blazer, and earpods, Deanno seemed unfazed as his hairy knee was propped up at chest level for all of Chicago to see.

Once the mistake was noticed, Deanno signed himself out, resulting in a speechless anchorman left to pick up the pieces.

“Apologies,” the anchor said.

The video was recorded and posted to Reddit’s “WatchPeopleDieInside,” but was removed by admins because Deanno really didn’t seem to care.

Some photos did make it to Twitter, however.

“I’ve certainly learned not to wear shorts while working from home anymore,” Deanno tweeted. ”The camera is always on!”

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