Neighbor confronts woman creating OnlyFans content with her window open after catching children watching

Rainy Diesel (TikTok/OnlyFans)

An OnlyFans girl has an awkward “meet the neighbors” moment after one of her “filming sessions” was heard by neighboring children through an open window.

Railey Diesel, 31, was staying at an AirBnB and performing for her subscribers on the British sexual content site when she suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Putting her robe on and tightening the tie around her waist to ensure there would be no wardrobe malfunctions.

Upon opening the door, Diesel was politely confronted by a concerned parent, who asked if Diesel could “turn down” the show she was assumed to be watching.

“It was just a normal day of me making content but as I’m currently staying in an Airbnb I’m not too familiar with my surroundings,” she told the Mirror. “My window was slightly open and in the middle of filming my door buzzed. Naturally I jumped up to put my robe on and kind of tried to ignore the first buzz hoping that whoever was outside would walk away. But after couple more buzzes I had to open the door. I saw this shy man trying to explain that my TV was a bit too loud.”


OMG they thought I was watching a ‘movie’ 😭😂

♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

Diesel believes the dad -who was having a family lunch with his kids- knew what was going on, but chose to be polite.

Video of the incident was posted to TikTok, where Diesel has a significant following.

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