Neuroscience college grad turns back on career, makes more than doctor parents on OnlyFans

Source: Instagram

A 21-year-old British college grad has turned her back on her future neuroscience career in order to become a stripper and OnlyFans e-girl, tabloids report.

While Mercedes Valentine graduated from university with a degree in neuroscience, she’s decided to exchange examining synapses for exploiting men willing to pay- and earning almost more than both her parents combined income

Valentine admits that her family still has reservations about her work.

“My parents are both doctors and they know what I do, but my dad can’t bring himself to say ‘pole dancer’ and instead opts for ‘pole gymnastics,’” Valentine said. “I think at first they were a bit shocked I didn’t follow the path they had in mind for me.”

Still, the New York Post reports that she made around $250k in her first year, putting her in the top 0.1% of the OnlyFan’s earners.

“I have no regrets, I absolutely love it,” she said.

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