New Trump campaign video features Biden’s corn pop speech imposed on an Allstate commercial

President Donald Trump is under fire after creating a Twitter storm with a campaign video featuring former President Barack Obama- or at least his head, anyway.

The video, ripped from an old Allstate advert, featured several men watching a game (with former President Obama’s head superimposed on one of the men.

“Not another commercial,” one man said.

The TV in the room then shows Biden giving his rather-confused “Corn Pop” speech at a pool in Delaware.

During the speech, Biden discussed small children touching his legs, a comment which created controversy and memes that would resonate to present day.

In response to the video, “Obama’s” friends look over at him with faces of disapproval.

The video tweet has received almost 8 million views, and has been retweeted over 76,000 times.

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