New York on verge of decriminalizing sex work

The Empire State is looking to decriminalize sex work, while still apparently attempting to keep pimps and “Johns” ripe for arrest.

The NY State Senate, particularly a Manhattan Democrat named NY Sen. Liz Krueger, announced this bill this morning, hoping to assist sex workers.

The bill would effectively get assistance for sex workers, instead of landing them in jail.

“Finally we are recognizing that the sex trade is not a safe place for our community and we are recognizing that surviving is not enough,” former sex/labor/trafficking victime Cristian Eduardo said in a statement to the New York Post. “This bill was created by listening and believing [in] survivors, that is what the amazing part of this is. In other spaces, a lot of times survivors of the sex trade, survivors of human trafficking, survivors of prostitution, they are not listened to… we need a rite of change in the criminal justice system and how to achieve that in a policy way is by listening to survivors.”

The bill utilizes the so-called “equality model,” which downplays the sex worker’s role but still makes prostitution, trafficking and brothels illegal.

Senator Kreuger was adamant about the bill.

“I think the real issue is we don’t want to have throwaway people and so many of the young people I’ve spoken to feel like they’ve been thrown way and no one cares if they spend their life in a form of slavery,” Krueger said.


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