New York woman screams “Allah Akbar you nasty F-ing Jews” on the subway

A Jewish student from Israel was subjected to severe abuse while riding the New York subway, mere days after a group of radical African Americans from an ethnocentric religious fringe sect shot up a Kosher supermarket.

Israeli student Lihi Aharon was taking the  train from Manhattan to Brooklyn when a New Jersey woman by the name of Zarinah Ali, suddenly felt the need to be anti-Semitic.

While still on the train, Ali began cursing at several Jewish people before allegedly slapping a phone out of Aharon’s hands and scratching her face.

Eventually, Aharon pulled the emergency stop cable and got off the train, where NYPD officers were standing by.

“Allahu Akbar,” Ali shouted to Aharon. “It’s in the Quran, where they curse the serpent Jew, you wouldn’t believe. You f***ing nasty a** Jew.”

Ali, who is black, continued her tirade against Aharon, claiming that they were not actual Jews, but simply white people.

“You’re white, boy,” she said as NYPD officers looked on.

It is unknown if Ali was arrested.

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