New Yorkers laugh as an amputee is beaten with his own wheelchair

A vicious attack against a wheelchair-bound amputee took place in Upstate New York, and locals seemed more than happy to do little else but laugh.

In yet another filmed example of the western world’s moral decay, the incident -which took place in Buffalo- was shot from the perspective of what appears to be a gas station attendant.

“Buffalo, New York 716 I love my city,” user MoonDot_Tng posted to Twitter, sharing a video by Jalia Love.

In the video, a man can be seen attacking a one-legged amputee in a wheelchair, tossing him from his apparatus into the street as bystanders laughed.

In a horrific turn of events, the attacker then lifted the wheelchair over his head and threw it down upon the disabled man.

Passersby and vehicles seemed unconcerned, continuing about their day.

Stunned, the amputee hobbled away on one leg, only to be chased down by the man.

“Somebody help that man,” the woman -believed to be Love- behind the camera said. “He gonna kill that f***ing man.”

The woman, who was seemingly half-ignoring customers, laughed as the attacker came back towards the gas station.

“He walkin’ back like a G,” she said.

The incident creates a sharp contrast to a recent event in the same city, when off-duty police officer and non-active duty Soldier Richard Hy was threatened by locals for detaining a suspected sex offender after the man vandalized his vehicle and lunged at him.

During the incident, the man -who was reportedly mentally ill and had been causing mischief in the area, including exposing himself to young women- was placed on the ground and held in place by Hy’s knee, prompting locals to come out and threaten Hy under the false pretense of “racism.”

One of the angry locals included a man in a wheelchair, who threatened Hy with a bat. It is unknown if the man in the video is the same individual, though it is not likely.

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