Nickelodeon gives kids a lesson on race on “Kids Pick The President” site

Children’s cable television network Nickelodeon is seemingly going above and beyond when it comes to getting kids involved in identity politics- with moves that some parents may consider to be forms of “indoctrination” into ideas such as critical race theory.

As part of their partnership with The Conscious Kid, (an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth), Nickelodeon’s usual “Kids Pick The President” campaign is notably different in 2020.

The entire “#” page has seemingly taken a rather partisan and radical left turn, leaving some parents wondering just what their kids are being taught by a network whose job is to provide entertainment.

The Conscious Kid provided a multi-slide educational option, urging children to “acknowledge your own racism and racial bias.”

“Because you live in a racist society, you hold racist ideas and beliefs,” the website slide reads. “You cannot choose to not be privileged. The more aware you are of the ways in which your ideas and behaviors are shaped by race, the more effective you will be at reducing harm.”

Another urged children to automatically believe it if they are being told something is “racist.”

The concepts stem from critical race theory, an unproven and controversial school of thought that has since been denounced by the United States government for sewing divisiveness.

An accompanying video on the page urged children to be a “citizen of the world,” and featured pre-teen children exclaiming how good it felt to go to protests, ultimately ending with the chanting of “Black Lives Matter.”

Initially a way for kids to feel involved in the political process since 1988 the KPP series has accurately predicted the winner of each election with the exception of the 2004 & 2016 Presidential Elections.

Interestingly enough, more tech-savvy members of the message board 4chan have discovered that the “ballot” to select either incumbent President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden may be flawed, and they claim there is a good chance the buttons that count “votes” won’t actually do anything once clicked.

There’s a suspicion that the vote tallies would only be seen on the developer side and not public, and therefore open to inside interpretation and calculation.

“Blow up Nickelodeon website support and webmaster,” one user said. “Show the outrage and fraud.”

Others felt it was simply par for the course, given that the “kid-friendly” network previously made news for broadcasting a black screen that read “I can’t breathe” for eight minutes and 46 seconds, all to the sound of a strained breath and heartbeat.

“Remember, this is the same studio who, over the summer, had BLM leaders on to speak to kids about systemic racism during commercial breaks,” another replied.

The “results” of the “election” are expected to air Tuesday evening.

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