NYC mayor de Blasio’s snitch hotline gets inundated with obscene images

There’s an underground resistance to NYC Mayor Bill de  Blasio’s text-based lockdown snitching hotline, and it’s turned into a real problem for the authoritarian-leaning city.

Coined as “Di*ks for de Blasio” by 4chan, the trolling campaign was developed after an anonymous user posted a snapshot of de Blasio’s April 17 Twitter post, which urged people to text a report (and photo of the person being reported) of social distancing offenders to a hotline for failing to adhere to NYC’s rules.

“We need New Yorkers to help us enforce social distancing,”  de Blasio tweeted. “Now you can text a photo to 311-692.”

Being the same group that helped elect a president, discredit mainstream media, drive a celebrity to the brink of madness and help the Russian military find and target an Islamic militant training camp, the matter was more a chance for the anons of 4chan’s /pol/ board to have a little fun.

“de Blasio [has] a social distancing snitch number,” anon wrote. “Take a di*k pic and send it to the number 311-692.”

“This sh*t is literally 1984 at this point,” one anonymous user responded.

Almost instantly, the photos came flooding in. Soon, the “normies” of mainstream culture caught on as well, leading to the NYC311 team becoming overwhelmed with photos of phaslluses, Nazi imagery  (criticizing the NYC government’s response), and middle fingers. Other photos included photos of de Blasio going to the gym, or the mayor’s face photoshopped onto gay porn.

“I caught my dog not social distancing,” one person messaged NYC311. “What do?”

One individual posted a screenshot of de Blasio’s March 2 tweet, which urged citizens to “get out on the town, despite Coronavirus.”

All in all, the program was a disaster- and a shining tribute to America’s embrace of individual liberties- albeit in a highly offensive manner.

To quote one anon in the original thread that set everything into motion, “Snitches get d*ck pics.”

The New York Post’s alleged “source” within the NYPD reported that the messages were vetted before being forwarded to the NYPD.

As for 4chan, the matter has been chalked up as just another day in the world of meme warfare.

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