NYC woman steals sneakers off pedestrian’s feet and then runs around in ‘birthday suit’

A violent woman went on a naked rampage in New York City’s Brighton Beach, attacking individuals and prompting passersby to call for the police.

The footage, which was posted to Twitter, was recorded on Sunday afternoon when the woman -whose head was shaved- attacked another woman in order to steal her shoes.

After being confronted by concerned citizens, the woman began attacking them, which then led to people calling for the police.

Fire crews soon arrived to attempt and diffuse the situation, but they were ill-equipped to handle the matter.

“Arrest her, now!” one man said.

“I’m not a cop,” the fireman replied.

The firefighters were quickly left baffled after the woman -who many confused for a man- stripped naked and walked over to a light pole, posing as if she were being crucified.

The woman then began gyrating and convulsing as if she were possessed.

The New York Post reported that the woman had mental issues and was off her medication. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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