NZ woman who hunts for food, not sport, getting death threats

A New Zealand mom of three has been found herself inundated with death threats against her and her children following photos from recent hunting trips.

Despite hunting to avoid eating meat from factory farm, Lucy Rose Jaine began hunting after she met her significant other and hunt 5-8 times per month, and has become an advocate of self-sufficiency.

Image credit: Instagram.

“I like that we can teach our children how to hunt their own food,” she said.

However, her well-documented hunts draw fire from less-than-pleasant people on the internet, who wish for harm upon her and her family.

”I’ve had a few death threats from people who just don’t have any experience with hunting,” she said. “Or maybe they are against animal cruelty. But I don’t take it to heart. I just tell myself, ‘That person must be going through something in their own life and I can’t judge what I don’t understand.’ “We make sure we respect the animal in the process.”

According to Fox News, Jaine’s detractors have wished death upon her children, hoping that they would be displayed the way Jaine displays the game she’s harvested.

“Imagine posing with the animals you’ve just slaughtered,” one commenter wrote underneath a photo of Jaine with a slaughtered wild hog, which can wreak havoc upon farmland. “[Please], can someone do this to her children?”

Others just hope Jaine catches a bullet of her own.

“Some guy just said, ‘I hope you die,’” she said. “I obviously didn’t respond. I hope he finds happiness. Be kind, everyone on this earth is especially doing their best.”

Many critics feel hunting is unnecessary in a world where supermarkets are available, though hunting is arguable more humane.

“Nothing funny about posing with dead animals,” one critic said. This is why you receive hate, the kill shots, there’s just no need for them, and perhaps don’t go running to the papers crying about it too!”

Jaine is also an active fisherman, completing the all-around sportsman’s package.

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