Ohio sheriff says he isn’t going to be the ‘curfew police’ or the ‘mask police’

An Ohio sheriff is pledging to look the other way after the governor of the Buckeye State announced a statewide curfew yesterday.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says he will not enforce the curfew, let alone the mandate to wear a mask in public.

“This curfew is going to do nothing, absolutely nothing,” Jones said.

As the only constitutionally-recognized law enforcement head in his county, Jones stated that he is not the enforcer of arbitrary rules that seem to be doing more harm to the public than good.

“It is easy when you are up on top of the mountain to make these rules and look down,” he told FOX 19, referencing Gov. Mike DeWine’s decision. “It’s a lot harder when you’re down looking up.”

Furthermore, he went on state that DeWine has shown little to no support for his agency, and thus has little incentive to enforce such matters that are outside of the scope of his responsibilities.

“Everybody is fatigued and tired,” said Jones.

“The governor is a nice guy, [but] never reaches out to law enforcement,” he said. “None of my fellow law enforcement people, we’ve never been talked to. We find out what is going on when we see him at the news conference.”

Under the curfew, businesses should be closed and people should be at home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., DeWine said. The health order will last for three weeks.

The order would go into effect on Thursday.

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