OnlyFans girl arrested after using her account to rob, extort a subscriber

Rose Hosseinigoshaghani (Instagram/Twitter)

A man attempting to meet up for casual sex was robbed at gunpoint in Oklahoma, resulting in two arrests and a hard-learned lesson about one of the many kinds of danger that lurks on hypergamy-friendly platforms like OnlyFans and Tinder.

The victim reportedly met Edmond resident Rose Hosseinigoshaghani through OnlyFans, a British adult content subscription service that has become popular in recent years.

“It was a girl from Tinder and we were going to hangout,” the victim told the police. “She was like, ‘I’m going to come over and pick you up,’ I was like, ‘OK that’s cool.'”

However, the victim soon found himself ambushed when Hosseinigoshaghani arrived- and Hosseinigoshaghani’s boyfriend, Hunter Randall, suddenly rose from the back seat.

Putting a gun to the victim’s head, Randall demanded that the victim pony up any money he had.

According to News 9, the victim gave Randall $200 through CashApp.

Later, Hosseinigoshaghani threatened to extort the victim, who in turn notified the police.

When authorities confronted Hosseinigoshaghani at her residence, they caught the boyfriend attempting to flee through a window.

Both individuals were arrested.

Rose Hosseinigoshaghani and Hunter Randall (Mugshots via News9)

When questioned as to why she committed the criminal acts, Hosseinigoshaghani seemed almost unapologetic and indignant.

“Everyone always has money and I’m always the one that’s broke,” she said.

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