OnlyFans model says men need more self-control after being groped at a grocery store

Source: TikTok

An OnlyFans e-girl is going public after she was groped in a grocery store- only to be told she needs to dress more modestly.

Daisy Delacroix, who works as a bikini barista in California, went to social media after pulling the grocery store security footage.

“Today after work I was grocery-shopping and as you can see in this video, this man walks up from behind, touches my butt and whispers in my ear ‘what’s up baby,’” she said.

“I was in complete shock, ladies, please be careful of your surroundings,” she added. “I did not know this man and he tried to play it off.”

While Delacroix was wearing a rather revealing outfit, the actions would still count as harassment.

According to the Daily Star, many netizens told her she was asking for trouble by showing so much skin.

“You should never of been wearing that in a supermarket,” one user said.

“Just because women choose to show skin will never make it okay to ever sexually assault women,” Delacroix wrote on Tik Tok.

“It will never make it okay to grab any women, just because of our bodies. Learn self-control, it’s disgusting how some of you think it’s okay to touch a woman just because she is showing skin!”

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