Onlyfans model says sun bathing her private parts increases her libido and improves her sleep

People do weird things in the name of health, and one Brazilian OnlyFans model is no exception.

23-year-old Letícia Martins, known as Lunna Leblanc, reportedly exposes her private parts to the sun in order to keep her body, mind and sleep patterns in check.

Letícia Martins/Instagram

The Instagram model claimed “exposing private parts to the sun” can “provide more energy” and “increase libido,” adding that it can also “help you get a good nights sleep.”

The sex-starved e-girl claimed lockdown was a form of torture, particularly since she could not engage in sexual acts as much as she wanted.

“It was traumatising. I don’t want a lockdown without sex anymore,” she said. “Nobody can take it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Martins frequently photographs herself sunning her nether regions.

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