Outrage grows after video of youths terrorizing DC with fireworks goes viral

The days surrounding the 4th of July was a stressful time in Washington, DC, and we aren’t talking politics.

In the days that followed the Independence Day celebrations, several incidents involving individuals with fireworks caused panic, with some being more dangerous than others.

On Sunday, July 7, DC Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Kevin Donahue announced that gunshots were erroneously reported inside of Union Station, causing mass panic.

“A short while ago, people heard loud bangs inside Union Station & fled the building, he tweeted. “@DCPoliceDept & @dcfireems immediately responded. There is no active shooter.There are no gunshot wound victims. [It] appears that the loud bangs were fireworks being set off.”

Local citizens were less composed.

“WHY WAS I WALKING THROUGH UNION STATION and SHOTS start going off,” @jbalagizi tweeted. “Everybody is running and screaming! I drop my drink and almost lose my bag! And 2 minutes later someone says, ‘someone was playing with fireworks.’ BRUH THANK GOD it wasn’t worse.”

Outside of The Wonderland Ballroom, two males lit fireworks and threw them into a taxi cab, causing explosions and fire inside the vehicle.

When confronted by two women, the laughing men simply dismissed them.

“Shut the f*ck up,” he said to the two women, who were in a vehicle behind the taxi cab. “Shut up.”

It is unknown if the taxi driver was injured.

The incident, captured on video and posted by @DMV411, also showed the two men launching roman candles at crowds, laughing as individuals were burned.

Unfazed by angry crowds, the men continued to fire volleys of explosives at bystanders, sending people scrambling.

While the video has over 2.3 million views, the majority of comments are negative- something @DMV411 wasn’t prepared to handle. In response, the Twitter account attempted to make the matter one of race.

“Why y’all actin like people of all races don’t do f*** shit,” he said. “Y’all got me [laugh emoji], STFU, keep sayin sh*t about black people.”

In his response, he showed a second video, where a man used fireworks to ignite a man’s roof on fire.

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