Outrage grows as drag queen exposes himself to children during “Stories Together” event at library

It isn’t like anyone didn’t see it coming- children attending story time with a drag queen at a Minnesota library found themselves getting more than they bargained for after the aforementioned transvestite sat spread-legged and exposed himself.

The volunteer was performing at the Hennepin County Library for the “Stories Together With Drag Performers” event, which took place on October 17.

The performer, identified as “Sasha Sota,” sat with legs spread, making the view from under the miniskirt a rather open event in itself.

The images are grainy, and there is speculation if his actual genitals were exposed or if he was wearing some kind of skin-colored body suit or leotard under the skirt.

The volunteer from the Child Protection League -a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect children from “exploitation, indoctrination, and violence”- who attended the event snapped a photo, and the CPL posted the photo to social media.

“Debauchery and sexual grooming are going on at our local tax-payer funded, Hennepin county public libraries right now,” the Child Protection League said in a Facebook post. “This ‘performer’ from Oct. 17, is most likely only 18 or 19 years old, from his social media, it looks like he just graduated from high school. What kind of parents bring their children to watch an adult strip club entertainer read transgender books?”

According to Pluralist, the Hennepin County Library had scheduled multiple drag queen story hours across several county libraries. In response to the negative exposure (no pun intended) on social media, however, county officials have cancelled all upcoming events and will be reviewing the matter more closely.

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