Paige Spirinac reveals why she “hates” Logan Paul

Instagram star Paige Sprianac has denounced the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul exhibition fight as a “money grab,” and now she faces pressure from his fans.

Spiranac, who has a dislike for Paul and his aggressive fans, didn’t care for the boxing match lineup.

“It’s a money grab, there is going to be so much money thrown for that fight,” she said. “It’s insane that people actually want to see this happening. It’s insane to see someone with a YouTube following or social following can make this happen It just shows how powerful that young demographic that everyone is reaching out to get now and the fact that people are talking about this is mind blowing to me.”

Needless to say, her comments were not well-received (again) by Paul’s teenage fanbase.

In 2018, Paul filmed himself inside the Japanese “Suicide Forest,” and posed next to the body of a man who had hanged himself.

“I did an anti-bullying talk at a school and it was right after Logan Paul filmed a guy committing suicide in this forest,” Spiranac said. “It was a huge controversy and I was asked what I thought about it.”

After giving her opinion, she received death threats from Paul’s followers.

“I said, ‘If you have a large following of a younger viewing audience you have to be careful with the content that you put out there.’ And I think he should have been punished more by YouTube or his sponsors or there needed to be some form of consequence bigger than what he got. And I ended up receiving death threats by all of these kids in that high school, that they were defending Logan Paul and so ever since then I have hated him.”

According to the New York Post, Paul apologized for the incident.

“I’ve made a huge mistake. I don’t expect to be forgiven,” he said. “I’m ashamed of myself. I am disappointed.”

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