Parents go off on School Board for allowing middle school teacher to kneel during Pledge of Allegiance

A New Jersey middle school teacher has been ordered to leave the classroom during the Pledge of Allegiance after she decided to take a knee, effectively forcing a political agenda on already impressionable youth in her charge.

The act was addressed during an October 2 meeting at Sergeant Dominick Pilla Middle School, an institution bearing the namesake of a US Army Ranger killed in Somalia back in 1993. During the school board event, when an ex-military parent and a former police officer both expressed their concerns regarding a female teacher who was known to take a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I was law enforcement for 25 years,” said Ron Maccri, a former police officer, “When I went to roll call every morning, I had to stand at attention. I couldn’t take a knee because I was working off of tax money, as she is. If I took a knee, I would be sent home and progressive discipline would go from there. If you wanna be self-righteous go somewhere else. Not in our schools.”

Maccri went on to state that the teacher had crossed the line, assuming the role of a parent on an issue that should only be addressed by parents.

“Parenting happens in the home. Not in schools, they are there to educate,” he said. “I respect them for what they do, just educate, that’s all. That’s your job. Teachers are paid to educate our students, they are not paid to indoctrinate our students. What this woman is doing would be bad in any school but because it’s in the Dominick Pilla- who gave his life, is reprehensible. There are 11-year-old children in that class.”

Army Ranger Sergeant Dominick Pilla.

The ex-military parent involved -identified as Randy London- noted the kneeling incident, and asked if the move was “part of the school’s policy for teachers to set that type of an example.”

“I’ve risked my life hundreds of times to save people I didn’t know,” he said. “I’ve saved thousands and thousands of pounds of illegal drugs from coming into this country, all for the flag and what this country stands for. I’m not saying everyone has to agree with everything but there should be no teacher taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance.”

According to the Daily Mail, Maccri referred to the teacher as a “self-righteous social warrior” pushing a political agenda.

The school claims that the teacher meant nothing political by her actions, but noted that she has been reassigned to other tasks during homeroom period.

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