Pedestrians in New York alarmed as man wearing protective mask is seen passed out on a sidewalk

A man passed out in the streets of the Big Apple, and the panic over coronavirus has people paying attention for a change.

While it isn’t uncommon to find at least a few people unconscious and unresponsive in the streets of New York City on any given day, recent hysteria over the coronavirus and the high concentration of ethnic Chinese in the Flushing neighborhood where the incident was filmed are allegedly cause for concern.

NYPD officers crowded around the man, who was wearing a medical mask and appeared to have bumped his head after passing out.

According to the Daily Mail, an anonymous “police source” mentioned that the man was taken to the NewYork-Presbyterian hospital in Queens.

The man was expected to be okay, and no correlation to the coronavirus has been confirmed.

Mass hysteria over the coronavirus has gripped the United States in recent weeks, causing everything from wild stock market fluctuations to grocery stores running out of food as unprepared citizens panic-buy supplies.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization stated that Covid-19 (the disease coronavirus) has a global mortality rate of 3.4 percent, making it slightly deadlier than the seasonal flu but harder to transmit.

The New York Times reported that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the organization’s director general, warned that “rising demand, hoarding and misuse” of medical supplies such as masks could compromise the world’s ability to fight the outbreak.

Recent figures show only around 121 coronavirus cases in the US, with the vast majority being in California. Only nine people have died so far.

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