People are now chaining themselves to poles to prevent being shoved on subway tracks in NYC

Residents of New York City have become so accustomed to the dystopian aspects of their existence in Gotham that some are chaining themselves to light posts, all due to a growing trend of people being shoved into the path of oncoming subway trains.

The city -which is known for its strict gun laws, pioneering efforts to placate the “defund the police” movement and recent crime spike that conjures up memories of the gritty city that inspired dark films in the ’70s and ’80s- has become so dangerous that many heinous things are simply seen as “normal” now.

One such trend is the act of pushing people into the path of oncoming subway trains, as well as the violence that takes place in the passenger cars.

To remedy this (well, one of the issues, anyway), some people are chaining themselves to poles as they wait for their train to arrive.

The logic behind this -as recorded on TikTok and eventually shared to Twitter by “Libs of TikTok-” is that an individual cannot be shoved onto the tracks if they are chained to the pole.

“The utter state of riding the subway in NYC,” the Twitter account wrote.

However, it should be noted that should any other act of violence take place, the individual is rendered vulnerable and immobile.

Ironically, many in the comments could relate to the woman in the video who chained herself in the video.

“I hold on to the pole anytime the train is coming,” one woman responded. “She’s not exaggerating the dangers.”

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