People in DC terrorized by protesters demanding they raise they raise their fists in solidarity, or else

Refusing to raise one’s fist in support of the Black Lives Matter movement is a sign of white supremacy, according to a group of activists who terrorized individuals dining outside Monday night.

Such was the case in Washington, DC, when protesters demanded compliance among individuals simply eating outside of a venue, assaulting individuals who did not comply.

The social justice warriors, who were mostly young, white and of high school to college-age, swarmed the patio of the Mezcalero Cocina Mexicana after a young black woman began berating a couple.

“Put your mask on now, huh? Motherf**ker!” one agitator screamed.

Clips of video footage of the incident were posted to Twitter, detailing the level of intimidation the agitators were willing to carry out.

The young woman circled back to physically threaten the man as the crowd demanded the couple raise their fists, only for the man to cross his arms in defiance.

“Wow! Racism! White supremacy!” a person over a megaphone shouted.

Other video clips show children eating on the patio raising fists with their families, with some Twitter commenters claiming they simply did so to avoid the harassment.

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