Playboy Club fires half of their ‘bunnies’ over poor service, failure to perform basic hosting duties

The new Playboy Club might be hiring soon, after numerous “Playboy Bunnies” were fired over poor service and failing to perform basic hosting duties.

The club is located in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, and consists of beautiful Bunnies serving drinks and waiting tables.

However, it seems that good looks and good service don’t always go together.

“Service has been so bad that new management had to be brought in and they fired half the Bunny staff,” a source told Page Six.

Since the initial service debacle, the Bunnies have been demoted -in duties and pay- to running drinks, with actual waiters performing food duties. All in all, the pay has been reduced from $40 an hour to $25.

The original New York Playboy Club, which closed in 1986, was inspiration for the current establishment.

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