Police find and arrest two of the men who attacked Hooter’s patrons after trying to them sell candy

Domingo Ramirez Jr.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Two young men from Fort Worth — accused in a brawl that started over selling candy at a Hooter’s restaurant in Plano and left multiple people injured — were arrested Monday and a search continued for a third suspect, police said.

The three Fort Worth men face charges of assault in the Oct. 6 incident, which started after employees asked children to leave the restaurant after they had attempted to sell candy there, police said in a news release.

Videos taken of the incident have gone viral.

Plano police identified one arrested suspect as Jeremiah Powell, 19, of Fort Worth. He faces charges of assault with bodily injury and riot participation and is being held on a $60,000 bond.

The other arrested suspect is Tony Marshall, 20, of Fort Worth, who faces charges of assault with bodily injury, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and robbery. He is being held on a $160,000 bond in the Collin County Jail.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Jay Powell, 19, of Fort Worth, and charges him with aggravated assault, police said.

On Tuesday, Plano police officials thanked residents who provided private messages and tips regarding the identity of the suspects.

Additional information received from the residents advised that this group was involved in similar activities across the Dallas/Fort Worth area and that several of these incidents required a police response, Plano police said in a Tuesday news release.

The Plano incident was reported at about 7 p.m. on Oct. 6 at Hooter’s restaurant in the 700 block of North Central Expressway. When they arrived, Plano police officers observed a broken front window to the restaurant and multiple injured victims.

During a preliminary investigation, police determined that four juvenile males had entered the restaurant to sell candy. According to management, the same individuals had been to the business in the past, had been asked to leave, and complied without incident.

On this occasion, the juvenile males became upset and began causing a disturbance inside the restaurant.

Hooter’s management requested the juvenile males to leave and were trying to escort them out of the business with the assistance of several victims/witnesses, Plano police said.

Once outside, the juvenile males began hitting the glass windows of the restaurant.

Three adult males appeared and began assaulting the manager and a customer outside of the restaurant. At the end of the assault, one of the adult males picked up what appeared to be a cigarette disposal stand and shattered the front window to the business, Plano police said in the news release.

Flying glass shards caused additional injuries to victims inside the restaurant. The suspects then fled the scene prior to officers arrival in a black Buick Encore.

Video was obtained from employees and customers and two such videos have been posted to social media.

Anyone with information regarding this incident and / or location of suspect Jay Powell are asked to contact the Plano Police Department’s Tip Line at 972-941-2148.

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