Police looking for woman who stole man’s $20k Rolex after 1-night stand in New York

Another New Yorker has been relieved of his Rolex watch by a one-night stand, making a strong case for locking up one’s belongings before going to sleep.

The woman reportedly took the Manhattan man’s $20,000 timepiece after a night of partying at the club 1Oak, when he decided to take her to his apartment.

According to the New York Post, the woman was spotted on elevator security cameras, and left the man’s apartment with his watch around five hours after he fell asleep.

Police believe the woman to be in her 30s and around 5’8.

Rolex watches appear to be an easy target for women in the area, as a man had previously had his stolen from a woman he took back to a hotel room in April, as well as finding out that the woman had made several thousand dollars of online transactions from his phone.

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