Police report reveals actor Jussie Smollett didn’t initially claim he was attacked by Trump supporters

A police report has revealed that actor Jussie Smollett did not claim he was attacked by Trump supporters, a claim that was widely spread in media reports around the globe after it was leaked by the actor’s manager.

The Empire actor was allegedly walking home from Subway when he was attacked by two men dressed in black, with one individual wearing a ski mask.

Getting his attention by calling him an “Empire fa**ot ni**er,” the attackers attacked him and poured an unknown substance on him.

Smollett’s manager, Brandon Z. Moore, said that he was on the phone with Smollett when he heard someone shout “This is MAGA country,” a statement inconsistent with the voting patterns of the city.

In a follow-up the next day, Smollett refused to let the police access his phone, which authorities wanted to review in order to confirm that the actor was speaking to his manager at the time of the attack.

After being beaten, the actor returned to his apartment, wearing the white rope he claimed was tied around his neck. Upon arrival, an older gentleman who as acquainted with him called the police on his behalf.

Police later obtained security footage that showed two persons of interest in the area, and hope to identify them soon.

According to the Daily Mail, Smollett did not want to get authorities involved.

The incident has drawn attention from around the world, and the violent act in question was even condemned by President Donald Trump, who deemed it “horrible.”

Smollett had received homophobic hate mail at the studio where Empire is filmed, drawn with crude photos, magazine-letter text and laced with tylenol powder.

The actor and singer recently played a sold out show in Los Angeles over the weekend.

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