Popular gamer not facing punishment for live-streaming abuse of animals

A popular Twitch gamer is in serious trouble after multiple cases of live-streamed animal cruelty, and it us unknown if she will actually face any punishment for her abuse.

Columbian internet personality Natalia Mogollon -who goes by the name Alinity Divine on Twitch- caught significant flak after she was seen throwing her cat, Milo, over her shoulder during a live game streaming from her home in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In response, the Saskatoon SPCA formally filed a complaint with their Animal Protection unit, and Twitch creator development director Marcus Graham has  requested a ban from the service.

Others chimed in on Twitter, showing videos of when she had given her cat Vodka and even when she kicked her dog.

“I didn’t think you guys would notice,” Mogollon said as she joked about the incident.

According to Newsweek, it is unknown if Mogollon will be banned from Twitch following the incident. However, her past history of skirting bans may be a good indicator that she (and they) may once again avoid losing revenue.

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