“Possessed” passenger kicked off Detroit bound flight

A woman aboard a flight to Detroit had a mid-air moment of insanity, creating a sexually-charged spectacle that disturbed many of the aircraft’s occupants.

The woman, who was wearing casual athleticwear, was filmed screaming and climbing about the cabin like a child on a jungle gym, thrusting her hips violently as she shouted.

“We’re going to f*** all night b***h,” she repeated over and over.

Beating on the lockers, the woman eventually managed to smash some of the locks open, causing things to spill.

Eventually, flight crews enlisted the help of three men, who slowly wrangled the unstable woman into a more controllable position.

One passenger claimed the woman was on drugs.

After the video hit the internet, many compared the woman’s actions to that of someone who was possessed, even claiming it was something out of “The Exorcist.”

It is unknown if the woman was arrested or taken in for treatment, nor is it known what airline the incident took place on.

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