Protesters in Florida sit down at couple’s table, yell profanities and threaten diners

As Florida prepares to crack down on less-than-peaceful protesters, locals just trying to get through Wednesday evening in St. Petersburg found themselves getting a firsthand look at the just how “peaceful” aggressive activists can be.

Spurred into action by the Kentucky ruling on the Breonna
Taylor case, an angry mob took to the street chanting, “Stand up right now” as they approached restaurants on Beach Drive, where some locals were enjoying the weather and outside seating.

Seeking to start a confrontation with one of the diners,
some protesters began gathering around a female patron and even sat down at her table.

“This is my table,” the woman said.

When the woman attempted to clear the protesters from her
table, others began coming closer, screaming at her while she presumably called the police.

According to Fox 13, other videos show activists blocking
streets and attacking vehicles.

When one vehicle attempted to drive through the crowd, one
rioter utilized a familiar sight in such situations- a skateboard- and hurled it at the vehicle.

It is unclear what happened next after the object was thrown.

One Twitter user, claiming to be the woman in the video,
stated that “nothing happened” after she called the police.

The incident occured mere days after Governor Ron DeSantis
announced legislation that would impose penalties on violent and disruptive protesters.