Protesters in Hong Kong fired flaming arrows at Chinese police

Hong Kong protesters have reportedly secured a crucial hub that controls the city’s internet, fending off Chinese government-backed police with flaming arrows as they try to take control of the communications site.

Armed with ancient technology, the protestors been lobbing flaming arrows at the police as they hold their ground at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, setting fire to a nearby metro train in the process.

Despite being hit with tear gas and rubber bullets (which dwindled their numbers as many students broke and fled for the Chinese mainland), a significant number of activists refuse to withdraw.

Roadblocks have been set up by the protesters, who generally were confined to demonstrating during off-hours but have since begun massing on nights and weekends.

The protesters are clad in gas masks and tactical helmets -largely obtained thanks to the Hong Kong people’s long-time love affair with airsoft military simulations- and have resorted to creating makeshift armor, shields, and even weapons.

According to the Daily Mail, the Molotov cocktail has become a weapon of choice against the police, who recently shot a protester and have committed other acts, to include pepper-spraying a pregnant woman.

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