Proud Boys founder to sue CNN, Joe Biden and reporters for calling the “multiracial group” white supremacists and Nazis

Following the success of Nick Sandmann, whose lawsuits have either forced settlements or are moving forward against liberal media outlets like CNN and the New York Times, the co-founder of the Proud Boys group announced he will be doing the same thing.

Gavin McInnes plans on suing CNN, Joe biden, and several reporters who routinely call the group white Supremacists and Nazis.

He also defended the Proud Boys, whose current chairman is Afro-Cuban, calling them multiracial and simply patriotic.

“I’m suing them. I’m suing Joe Biden. I’m suing CNN. All of these reporters that call this multi-racial patriotic group white supremacists and Nazis,” said Gavin McInnes in an interview with Newsmax TV.

McInnes also stated that those that lump the proud boys together with other groups like the Klu Klux Klan are being intellectually incapable of the distinction, or are just being dishonest.

The group has long portrayed itself as a patriotic counterbalance to Antifa, and have explicit rules against racism, white supremacism or violent activity, according to the aformentioned current leader, Enrique Tarrio.

McInnes also mentioned his lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center, which labeled the Proud Boys a hate group.

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