“Queen of Confidence” influencer finds boyfriend cheating in “live” iPhone photo he sent


A social media influencer, who appeared on the latest season of the MTV reality series Siesta Key, says she caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

Serena Kerrigan claims her boyfriend sent her an Iphone “live” photo that appears to show a little more than he probably intended.

He sent an image of his neatly-made bed with a stuffed animal while saying he missed her. When the “live” photo is clicked on, it reveals a woman falling onto his bed.

“With Live Photos, your iPhone records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture,” Apple explains on its website.

Kerrigan posted the “live” photo, which was converted to a short video to TikTok with the following caption:

“When the guy you’re dating says he misses you, but then you click the live photo…looks like you have some company.”


The TikTok post quickly went viral, gaining over 7 million views. Users were quick to joke at the scenario while others offered support.

“Apple has your back!’ one person commented.

“Omg I could just feel the heart drop,” another wrote.

For whatever reason Kerrigan’s boyfriend decided to cheat, she should have no trouble finding someone new as she is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Confidence.”

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