Renowned Australian psychologist is concerned for the mental wellness of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg

An Australian psychologist is worried about teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, who has a history of mental health issues- and may become worse as she is thrust into the adult world at such a young age.

Doctor Mchael Carr-Gregg believes that Thunberg suffers from a “sense of entitlement,” and that her eventual downfall as figurehead for climate change activism may be similar to that seen in child stars.

“I worry about her going the same as child TV stars, that they just burn out and potentially have a disastrous psychological outcome,” he said.

Thunberg has previously been diagnosed with Asperger’s and has a history of mental health problems.

“I am worried that we use a kid like this, who arguably should be getting treatment because she’s said she’s had anorexia, said she’s got Asperger’s and said she’s battled depression,” he noted.

According to the Daily Mail, Thunberg -who is only 16- is already showing self-destructive signs.

“’She seems to be caught up in a doomsday scenario where she’s massively exaggerating the threats posed by climate change and that has a flow-on effect because it causes all this existential anxiety in our children, hence the climate strikes,” Dr. Carr-Gregg said.

The doctor also noted that youth placed into the public spectrum that attempt to achieve change by throwing tantrums and being uncouth -such as gun control activist David Hogg- are easy targets for critics who may not take kindly to being demonized and generalized by someone so young and inexperienced.

Furthermore, he stated, it sets a bad precedent for activist youths.

“It sends a message to other teenagers that they can speak to adults in this very, very dismissive way,” he said.

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