Rep. Devin Nunes tied to winery that allegedly held prostitute-and-cocaine filled cruise by California newspaper

After a report from the Frenso Bee tied California Congressman Devin Nunes to an alleged cocaine-and-prostitute fueled cruise organized by a Bay area winery Nunes is a part of, the Republican representative is now suing the paper for $150 million.

The story, which was published in May 2018, details how “important” investors of the Alpha Omega Winery booked a private 62-foot yacht to throw a party that involved prostitutes, hard alcohol, and cocaine.

Rep. Nunes is an investor into the winery, but the report does not clearly state if he was on board the boat, had any role in planning, or knowing about the supposed illegal outing.

The report came from a 2016 lawsuit filed by a former tasting-room attendant who was assigned to work the cruise.

She sued the winery after the incident because she was “extremely disturbed” by the events and believed some of the girls were “too young to consent.”

The attendant even called the winery during the cruise and spoke to the marketing director who told her and her co-worker to “lie low.”

The lawsuit was settled in 2016.

The report has resurfaced because Nunes has filed a $150 defamation lawsuit against the Fresno Bee’s publisher, McClatchy Co.

Nunes has referred to the Fresno Bee as a “joke” and a “left-wing rag” according to the Sacramento Bee.

That has prompted Twitter users to get in on the joke and had the hashtag #YachtCocaineProstitutes trending on Twitter.

The California Republican is also in the middle of suing Twitter for $250 million for failing to protect him from online harassment after a parody account surpassed his own following. That account has mocked Nune’s involvement with an Iowa dairy farm

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