Report: Group of Somalis with metal pipes attack commuters at Minneapolis Light Rail station

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A mob of unruly Somali teen males descended upon a Minneapolis area rail station on Friday night, wreaking havoc and causing several injuries.

Only a few hours before midnight, the pack of bandits were the focus of three separate police agencies after receiving calls about 10-12 Somali teen males armed with “hammers and bars,” reportedly “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.” The initial call for backup was placed by University of Minnesota Police officers.

One alleged witness claimed that he was spared the attack, as he is half-Arabic and was wearing “ratty work clothes.”

“I really wish i had a concealed carry permit because then maybe I could of stopped at least a few of them,” he said.

Despite being unarmed and (understandably) unwilling to take on a gang of young men with bludgeoning objects, he did manage to escort an elderly woman away from the scene.

It is fair to note, however, that Minnesota law imposes a “duty to retreat” doctrine, effectively meaning that a person who feels threatened must first exhaust all escape attempts before being justified in using force.

While local media outlets have been relatively silent on the incident (or have seemingly attempted to downplay it), audio footage obtained from local Dispatch and accounts compiled by various sources have been posted by locals unwilling to simply let the matter slip into obscurity.

Several injuries were reported.

Tensions between Somali refugees and the Minnesotan population continue to rise, and law enforcement source from Minneapolis claimed that the refugees are “responsible for a significantly large portion of violent crimes in the city.”

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