Rioters in NYC caught attacking vehicles, causing thousands in damage

A mob of unruly individuals were running amok in the Big Apple, attacking vehicles and causing thousands in damage.

The rioters, mostly travelling by bicycle, were spotted near 5th Avenue and 21st Street, according to reporter Andy Ngo.

The group were filmed attacking a BMW, smashing windshield glass and using everything from bicycles to boots in an effort to cause damage.

“They brutally attacked an occupied vehicle before taking off,” NGO wrote.

The vehicle’s driver honked in protest during the attack, but to no avail- the rioters only became more erratic and violent, laughing and screeching as several members tried to out-do each other when it came to dealing damage.

It is unknown if the NYPD has made any arrests in connection with the incident, which is believed to have taken place on Monday.

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