Seattle to open the world’s first human composting site

Seattle will be home to the first human composting site, where people will be turned into compost and soil.

For $5,500, you can be turned into soil after you die, which can be picked up by your family if they choose to do so.

The process involves being placed in a vessel with wood chips, alfalfa and straw. By introducing oxygen to the equation, the body composts and eventually turns into soil. The process reportedly takes about a month.

Katrina Spade, the CEO of Recompose, came up with the idea of recomposing humans after she realized that animals are used in compost.

“We have a ton of interest. It’s really exciting,” Spade said.

According to KIRO7, the company will begin operations in 2021, and will be the first of its kind.

To prove the process was safe, Spade joined forces with the WSU Soil Science Department, using the bodies of six human donors.

The facility has been established inside of an old warehouse in Seattle, a location Spade is rather fond of.

“I would say it is the perfect city to get started in. I mean Seattle is place where people are really connected to nature and care a lot about the environment and the impact their lives make on the environment. And there’s a little piece of Seattle that’s a tiny bit dark and willing to think about death and mortality than the rest of the world, I think,” said Spade.

As for spreading the soil of your loved ones, be sure you have permission from the landowner first.

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