Seattle’s ‘Street Czar’ who has office and $150k salary used to pimp out underage girls

Seattle is paying a former pimp to help find “alternatives to policing,” despite being a convicted criminal who has previously promised to “go to war” with the city.

Andre Taylor, known for his feature in the “American Pimp” documentary, is receiving $12,500 monthly for his contributions to the city’s crime-mitigation strategy.

Taylor is also being given an office in Municipal Tower.

The pimp’s new legitimate paycheck is news- but his activism is not. His organization, Not This Time, was recently paid $100,000 to sponsor a speaker series that was called “Conversations with the Streets.”

Court documents and testimony obtained by the Las Vegas Sun also tell of how he trafficked underage girls and used his fame from the documentary as a lure.

During a recorded meeting with activists, Taylor made his intentions known.

“Don’t just leave. Leave with something,” urging them to demand $2 million in ransom before they exited the site of much of the city’s worst violence in 2020.

According to the New York post, Taylor is also active on YouTube, and has bragged about fathering children with some of his prostitutes.

“I was born from the streets; I come out of the deep darkness,” he said in a YouTube video earlier this year.

His life of crime, it seems, often seems to mirror that of the political machine.

“We decided we were going to be in this subculture, like the Mafia, whether you liked it or not,” he said of his life. “We knew you considered us the waste of the world from the beginning. We didn’t care what you thought about us … just like I don’t care what you think about me now.”

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