Senators Booker, Warren, Gillibrand introduce legislation to grant millions of acres of land to minority farmers

Three US Senators have released a radical agricultural plan aimed at providing land grants to transfer millions of acres to black farmers at no charge- in a system that has a rather Zimbabwean feel.

The bill, sponsored by New England-region Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) appears to promote land redistibution in the name of “equality.”

“I’m proud to team up with @ewarren and @SenGillibrand to introduce the Justice for Black Farmers Act,” Booker tweeted Tuesday. “We need to balance the scales after decades of systemic racism within @USDA have harmed black farmers.”

Claiming that the US Department of Agriculture engaged in discriminatory practices to decimate the 1920s number of black farmers, Booker and his associates are looking to raise the numbers.

“Overtly discriminatory and unjust federal policy has robbed black families in the United States of the ability to build and pass on intergenerational wealth,” said Senator Booker in a statement provided by his US Senate page. “When it comes to farming and agriculture, we know that there is a direct connection between discriminatory policies within the USDA and the enormous land loss we have seen among black farmers over the past century. The Justice for Black Farmers Act will work to correct this historic injustice by addressing and correcting USDA discrimination and taking bold steps to restore the land that has been lost in order to empower a new generation of black farmers to succeed and thrive.”

Senator Warren, known for her radical left-wing ideologies, a failed presidential run and a scandal surrounding her allegedly false Native American heritage, also released a statement on the matter.

“For decades, racist policies have robbed black farmers of the economic opportunity to thrive in our country’s agricultural industry. I’m glad to cosponsor Senator Booker’s bill, which goes a long way toward restoring and protecting property rights of black farmers, rooting out discriminatory policies, and providing black farmers with the necessary tools to succeed,” she wrote.

Through the race-based program, up to 32 million acres of land would be granted to black ownership “from willing sellers” in a decade’s time.

The proposal suggests funneling $8 billion annually to the project and aims to make 20,000 grants each year of up to 160 acres through 2030.

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