Serbian singer and Instagram ‘influencer’ arrested for weapons possession connected to organized crime

A Serbian Instagram personality is in jail after she was found with two automatic weapons in her apartment.

Serbian Police in Novi Sad raided the Radojka Kecman’s residence last week, uncovering two AKM assault rifles that were partially disassembled and ready for transport.

The well-worn AKMs came in both folding and fixed stock varieties, complete with rust pitting on the barrels and worn out springs. The weapons may be holdovers from the Yugoslav Wars.

Kecman, who was holding the weapons for a friend, now faces charges of manufacturing, possessing and trafficking illegal weaponry.

In nearby Sobotica, Kecman’s Swedish friend, Svetozar Zivkovic, was arrested for possessing 11 AK-pattern weapons, 11 “converted pistols,” 10 suppressors and ammunition.

According to the Daily Mail, the cache was earmarked for a Montenegro crime syndicate known as the Skaljar Klan. The organization has been at war with the Kavac Klan after one of the factions stole 440 lbs of cocaine in 2014.

Kecman is reportedly afraid of going to prison, and “sources” believe that she will likely talk if pressed hard enough by authorities.

Both Kecman and Zivkovic are believed to be members of the Skaljar Klan, and are being kept in lockdown by authorities for one month.

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